Female doctor consulting with couple about insurance pre-verification.

Step 1:

Insurance Pre-Verification

Augusta Surgical Center performs insurance pre-verification prior to every case to ensure that the insurance is in effect and coverage will be provided by the patient's insurance carrier. This is a good faith effort and is performed as a courtesy to the patient and is based upon information received from the physician's office and feedback provided by the insurance company.

Step 2:

Patient is contacted

The patient is contacted to resolve any issues or to inform them of any co-pays, co-insurance, or deductibles. The patient is encouraged to ask any financial questions at this time, or may call anytime to ask about Augusta Surgical Center’s billing policies.

Step 3:

Patient Arrival on Date of Service

The patient or responsible party should be prepared to pay any co-pays or balances due as per the pre-surgical financial phone call. Augusta Surgical Center accepts cash, personal checks, VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. A receipt will be provided for all over the counter financial transactions. Cosmetic procedures require payment in full on the day of surgery. Anesthesia services must be paid by cash only.

At this time, it is very important for the patient or responsible party to review all information on the chart for accuracy.

Step 4:

Insurance Billing

Augusta Surgical Center will bill all applicable insurances for the surgical services rendered. We do not bill for the surgeon, anesthesiology, clinical or pathology laboratory.

Augusta Surgical Center bills insurance as a courtesy to the patient. The patient should be an integral part of the insurance billing process. The patient will be contacted regarding any insurance billing or denial problems and we will assist in resolving those issues. Ultimately, the patient is held financially responsible.

Step 5:

Insurance Payment Received, Patient Billed per Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

Once Augusta Surgical Center receives payment from the insurance company, we will bill the patient for any balances per the insurance EOB. It is very important that the patient review their copy of the EOB their insurance carrier sends them.

Augusta Surgical Center expects payment within thirty (30) days upon receipt of a statement from our billing office.

Pay with CareCredit Pay My Bill

Please contact our Business Office at (706) 396-7282, immediately upon receipt of Augusta Surgical Center’s statement if any questions.

Step 6:

Delinquent Payments

If no payments are received or no contact is made with our Business Office after sixty (60) days from the 1st statement being sent, upon individual review of the account, the account may be referred to an outside collection agency to obtain payment. If the account is not resolved within thirty (30) days, the account will be turned to full collections